Ted wants to know who is Alxander Raven?

One Of RavensNet Systems Logos-'Claimed To Carry Subliminal Waveforms'

Nite Line was stopped from filming inside by the Marine guards for not having the proper security clearance

Night Line questions whether this is the real Alxander Raven

Over Chasm to Ravens Nest Retreat

Mr. Ravens Mountain Home

RavensNet Systems Mobile Lab and Defense Vehicle-Tour It With Ted Koppel

'Night Line Exploding The Myth'

RavensNet Lab Complex

RavensNet Systems Opens Its Doors To Night Line

After weeks of filming, months of editing and nearly a year in litigation, Night Line has scheduled an "Expose' " on Mr. Raven and RavensNet Systems.

We were instructed by Mr. Raven to be as cordial and infomative as possible for Mr. Koppel.

Mr. Ravens' exact words were,"Treat Ted as if he was a rich relative, making out his will."

So we threw open any areas of the Labs not under Inter-Pol security and gave free access to all 3 and 4D wings.

ABC is still maintaining those eight grips and camera operators are 'officially' missing.Our 4D lab techs have assured us at least that much is true.

For insurance puposes, ABC would not allow it's union members to visit our extra-dimensional lab platforms nor allow ANYONE to teleport to our orbital facilities,{even though ATT has been using this technology for decades or millenia,depending on how you look at it}.

Reviewing the material to be presented we were also instructed by Mr. Raven to leave the less that flattering materials in the program as seen by Mr. Koppel.His journalistic integrity is un-questioned at ABC and many of the people that work for him say he is a swell guy.

Unfortunatly his references to our Orbital Platforms and Hyper-Dimensional facilities were, and we quote here from the transcrpts;

"...like a passage from Lewis Carrols 'Alice...', RavensNet technicians pass from one place to another chattering like so many 'Mad Hatters' and 'March Hares' it can make your head spin."

We did have to re-adjust Mr. Koppels head several times during his visit, which seemed quite painful.Fortunatly we were also able to erase the memory of the pain and provide him with a recollection of a warm and informative visit.

We had planned to simply clone him and re-program his rudimentary functions rather than fix that head-spin thing but Mr. Raven pointed out Teds wife would probably notice the improvement and blow the whistle on us . . . or, not.

Opening interview transcipt follows.

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