Night Line Opening Interview Transcript Un-Edited Version TED K=TK\ /Prof. Neusbaum=W

TK:Good evening and welcome to Night Line! (theme fades)Tonight we intend to take a look at RavensNet Systems and Alxander Raven, the man behind the company.(theme swells-cut to commercial break)

TK:RavensNet Systems.A name many people associate with anything 'high tech' as well as anchient mysteries.RavensNet Labs has a variety of international government contracts, and earned a Nobel Prize in 1962 although the catagory of the award itself is still classified.My notes also say that Mr. Raven also was given two Nobel awards in two new catagories created for his fields of research.Mr. Raven has also been credited with work in the radio, television and motion picture industry.

TK:Speaking on behalf of RavensNet Systems and Mr.Raven himself is the head of reaseach and development, Professor Wolfington Neusbaum. Welcome Professor and thank you for taking the time to speak with us tonight.

W:It's a pleasure Ted, please just call me Wolfie.

TK:It's a little hard to do with a straight offense intended....

W:None taken Ted, it's a little funny at first but you get used to it and it's just a name.

TK:OK then...Wolfie...why isn't Mr. Raven here himself? I know you've explained it to me but for the sake of our viewers, please explain again.

W:Certainly Ted.I do want your viewers to know that we DID offer an interview with a probable Mr. Raven that is very, very close frequency wise to the Mr. Raven you have come to know.AND you decided not to interview the....

TK:Professor...excuse me-are you saying here that you have a 'clone' of Mr. Raven?

W:(laughing)No Ted, as I said earlier, a "probable' Mr. Raven that is really almost the twin of the fellow I work with.Probable reality surfing has become a standard in historical recreations and really offers...

TK:I am just a little spooked with this clone idea I must admit Wolfie....

W:Ted, if we wanted to trick you we could have.You would never have known the difference.Or we could have simply inserted a Holo projection like we did with Jimmy Carter when

TK:Pardon me for interrupting again Wolfie but, you said, Jimmy Carter? President Carter?... was,or is, a RavensNet Systems Hologram?

W:Don't be absurd Ted!Mr. Carter was a poduct of the Rockefeller Foundation and that was years before they were acquired by RavensNet Systems.Our labs did assist in the contrast and brightness areas, that's all.

TK:I wanted to touch on the Lab Wings we saw with the Marine guards?Those were United State Marines we were beaten up by right?

W:Yes they were Ted.

TK:What happened to the camera team that did get inside during the scuffle?

W:They wandered into the 4D lab and all I have heard - so far - from the lab techs is that they are still "officially" listed as "missing" by the local authorities.

TK:Wolfie, I am sorry, we have to break for a commercial, when we come back, lets get back to who exactly IS Mr. Alxander Raven.(theme)

{commercial break}( the following transcription took place during the 'break' time and is included here )TK:Will SOME ONE please get me something to drink? I am parched!Bobby!Get over here!Get on the phone with Charly Rose and tell him I left a package in the green room the other day and NOT to touch it himself! Understand? Get an intern to bring it over to the studio.Got it?Good!WHERE"S MY FUCKING DRINK?Tony!Tony??Did Louise call?Mary call?Barbie?Suzette?Whatdja tellem?Cool.WHO DO I HAVE TO BLOW AROUND HERE TO GET A GOD DAMN DRINK?

{in 5 4 3 2

(theme){second segment)

TK:Enough of this cloning business professor, I want to know who is Alxander Raven?He has no birth records, no social security number, no military records...and even though I have spoken with him at several international summit meetings I have had the privilage to cover, we know nothing about him!

W:Ah, where to begin there Ted...we are expecting a transmission from him at any time and will post it as soon as it's de-encrypted and formatted to silicon communication equipment..

TK:You mean computers?

W:Yes.Our communication systems are not based in the normal PC type silicon chips.Translating to interface is still a challenge with the old 56K pentium modules.

TK:Do you run a Cray system at the Lab Professor?

W:Oh no,Ted.Those things are so unreliable for our research.



TK:Wolfie, we'll come back to the computers later if time allows.How is it that the name Alxander Raven has been kept quiet so long?We've all seen his work in films and heard his production expertise in many popular musical recordings---

W:C.D.s ,Ted.

TK:Exactly.C.D.s.Paul McCartney has said Raven saved the band from disaster a dozen times, and Brian called him constantly for advice. Mick Jagger-in several interviews-same thing.Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Mariah Cary, the list goes on and on....Madonna?--

W:Ted,we agreed before the show, no questions about Madonna....(whispered-for the baby)

TK:Right Wolfie, O.K. then...why havn't we heard of him before?

W:Did anyone know who Dody was before he met Princess Di?One of the richest and most politically connected families on earth... most of your viewers already forgot his name.Some forgot the Lady even died.I'm sure you can name 5 people now that are billionaires, Ted, and your viewers would be hard pressed to place them!

TK:I see your point Wolfie.So, Mr. Raven simply avoids the spotlight then?

W:You'd be surprised how much can get done when no one cares who gets the credit.

TK:When we come back, inside the Ravenwoods empire.


commercial break

(transcript deleted from official show transcript)

TK:We clear? Where's my fucking drink?Christ in a hand cart wht do...finally...Lisa-Thank you....{slurping sounds}

TK:What the hell is this?Perier'????I SAID A DRINK!IF I don't have a glass thats got four fingers of tequila in it in THIS hand{Mr. Kopple indicates his 'right' hand}in .....35 seconds-you're unemployed!

TK:Wolfie - I have to do EVERYTHING myself around here- you just can't imag----Thank you Lisa.....{slurping sounds}

TK: I want to get to the high-tech subliminal messaging system you helped my Raven develope with the divine guidance of Bob Dobbs...