Many worlds have gone unseen by most of you, that is changing.

You may have noticed everything is changing

Your friends,

What you want from life,

the only thing you can count on is that EVERYTHING will change.
It seems you are being called upon to trust that all the changes are for your highest good.
Certainly a challenge in many cases.
It is your destiny to learn Self Response-Ability.
You are called upon to Imagine what has not yet been

Within you is a drive you cannot resist towards this 'unknown' creation you feel compelled to be involved in,
and it could not be otherwise.
You are called to seperate what you feel in Truth and Heart from what you have been taught to 'feel'.

If you let go of everything that you are not, what is left is the real you.

So many of you have survived with your hearts and minds intact through events that would have destroyed others
and has.



That was the River

This is the Sea

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