Franklin Alxander Teegarden
a.k.a. Alxander Raven
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Background Brief

Fine Arts Training: Various mediums; acrylics, oils, watercolors, chalks, etchings, silk screen, clay, caligraphy, wood crafting and others.
Music background: Performer, producer, recording engineer, sound engineer, musician and writer. I have also written, performed and assisted in editing several music videos and have written several 'video shorts'.
Horticultualist: Landscape and irrigation design and installation. I have been awarded hundreds of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize ribbons for flowers and vegetables. My work has been rated 'Four Stars' by the Albuquerque Journal and I recieved a 'Patio of the Year' award from Albuquerque Magazine for my work at 'El Pinto' restaurant, 4th Street, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Project Development: I have created and co-created workshops, seminars, health-fairs, web sites, recording and concert events. I created and presented a proposal to 'The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta' for the first Balloon Fiesta pre-paid phone cards for Destiny Telecom. During a year with 'ChemLawn', I developed several new venues for services, managed those new departments and became the top sales person although I was not in the sales department.I have just finished editing a book I co-authored, 'Let Freedom Ring' and will develop an 'E-Book' version.

Computer Experience

The computer allows me to combine so many creative aspects in one place I am limited only by how fast I can learn and what programs I can afford to purchase.
I can write and edit basic HTML.
I use FrontPage and HotDog as WYSIWYGS then edit and customize the code as I want.
I primarily use Bryce4 - ZPaint Pro - Jpeg Wizard - PrintShop Gold - PaintShop Pro - VuePrint Pro and AdobePhotoshop for graphics.
Other popular programs I currently use are; WordPad - Microsoft Office - Microsoft Word - Cute FTP - CuteMap - CGI's and E-Mail setups.
I intend to learn FlashShockwave design, JAVA writing, computer video editing and digital music recording as well as increasing my graphics repetoire'.


A Look At Some of My Work is possible through the URLs listed below. A left click will open a new browser window. My web sites are optimized for 800x600 screens and MicroSoft Explorer. Most everything is created for a 'Full Screen' view as well.
In 1996, a friend gave me a Mac laptop to 'play with' while he was in Europe. When he returned, my first web site was well under construction. I no longer am directly involved with this web site yet contacting the sites owner, Cris O'Rourke', would confirm my contribution.
The site is being renovated 12/01/2000. You can navigate the menu. I was pleased with the depth of information we are able to provide on the various products and the layers in which it is presented.
I am a distributor for a product that eliminates EMFs, 'electro-magnetic fields'. I recently built a small site and have been getting orders from all over the country. The product is being sought after but the parent company has not meta tagged the home site, so, I get alot of surfers.
I created this web site for the friend that left me the 'Mac' to play with. I don't maintain the site.
There are several other addresses and entrances for this site. Once it was completed, the company made several changes in the payment and compensation plan for distributors and I withdrew as a distributor.
I built and sometimes upload materials for the sites owner, a VRML designer in Puerto Rico. You'll need a 3D plugin to view her work. A link is provided for a free, fast plugin. I 'met' Jadzia in 'CyberTown', a 3D virtual community where she designs objects and terrains. I am a 'Neighborhood Deputy' and care for sections of the community and have created several 3D houses and clubs.
Was created as a 'doorway' to
From here you can visit hundreds of my pages spread throughout several websites. There is some FlashShockwave and JAVA here and there. My intent was to make these places 'friendly' to as many browsers and older computers. I try to blur the line between fact and fiction at 'Ravenwoods' and have gotten requests from people around the world for 'reservation information' for the 'Ravenwoods Retreat Village'.

] Crystal Star Technologies - The Activation Station - RavenSpell ]
were created in that order and take the facts and the farce, started in Ravenwoods, to the extreme.

I am creating a small web area to display my own graphic work.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Please contact me if you feel my talents and background compliment your requirements.
F. Alxander Teegarden