Thank you for coming this far.

Our daughter has informed us she intends to attend the college in Hawaii. At 16 and a half years old she has an intense affinity with the oceans and animal rights. She has always been encouraged to follow her own heart and is an incredibly bright light in this and other worlds.

I intend to see her in the best education environment possible and cannot mount much argument about the U. of H.

As an artist, writer, musician and general know-it-all creating webspaces is a personally fulfulling experience for me. The support and letters I recieve from people bennefitting from this work is thrilling to me. Continuing at the pace I would like to in cyberspace isn't possible without financial support or earning from the computer projects I involve myself in.

Purchasing products or contributing financially will help this web-work continue and help further the education and dreams of one of this planets most promising souls.

This is all a new art form, the places we find in cyberspace that touch us.

Send Contributions and Inquiries To:
F. Teegarden
788 Meadowlark Lane
Corrales, New Mexico

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