There has been a great ammount of interest in the data I have here concerning Egypt and the Great Pyramid in particular.

I am sharing information here you may research further on your own where my documentation falls short of requirements for 'proof'.

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An Egypt You May Not Know

Comments; Alxander Raven.

Sources; Robert Scheer, Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, Drunvalo Melchizedek, J.J. Hurtak, Larry Hunter

The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are "officially" dated as Fourth Dynasty (2575 - 2150 bce)

No evidence has been found to support the suggestion the Great Pyramid was a tomb.

Water marks were found on the sides of the Great Pyramid at a level 400 feet higher than the Nile river is today, and deposits of sea salt inside the Pyramid corroborate the theory that it and the Sphinx must have been built before the time of the melting of the last great Ice Age, about 12,000 years ago.

The salt deposits were several inches thick in some places INSIDE the pyramid.

Herodotus, visiting in the fifth century bce, reported that inscriptions of strange characters were to be found on the pyramid's casing stones. In 1179 an Arab historian recorded that these inscriptions were so numerous that they could have filled 'more than ten thousand written pages.'

A European visitor of the early 14th century, tells how the stones were covered with strange symbols arranged in careful rows. Sadly, in 1356, following an earthquake that leveled Cairo, the Arabs robbed the pyramid of its beautiful casing of stones to rebuild mosques and fortresses in the city. As the stones were cut into smaller pieces and reshaped, all traces of the ancient inscriptions were removed from them. A great library of ageless wisdom was forever lost.

It was originally covered with 115,000 highly-polished casing stones.

As for dating these artifacts remember, archeologists of the Muslim faith are constrained by a belief that the earth is only 6,000 years old. All dating is done within that framework, even unconsciously.