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 Teleportation Technology

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 By combining Planck's constant, the constant of gravity, and the speed of light,
it is possible to create a quantum of length (about 10-35 meter)
and a quantum of time (about 10-43 sec), called, respectively, Planck's length and Planck's time 44.
While saying that energy is not continuous might not be too startling to the average person,
since what we commonly think of as energy is not all that well defined anyway,
it is startling to say that there are quantities of space and time that cannot be broken up into smaller pieces.
Yet it is exactly this that gives nature a finite number of routes to take when an electron interferes with itself.

Technical Chart

 If you have a MicroWave Oven and a High-Speed Internet Connection
You can build your own Teleportation Device!

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